Build your robust dApps
on secure, multi-chain
smart contracts!
Built on
Mainnet-tested BFT bPOS consensus out of the box
Program in Rust
Use a mature, safe language
with real IDE support,
lots of libraries
Tight integration with Cosmos SDK and the Cosmos ecosystem
Mature tooling for developing and testing smart contracts.
Secure architecture design to avoid all attack vectors present in Ethereum
IBC integration planned at the same time with the Cosmos Hub

Prepare for the world of multi-chain contracts!

CosmWasm Works?
For starters, your smart contracts on CosmWasm can run on multiple chains, making use of Cosmos's groundbreaking InterBlockchain Communication protocol.
They are secure with most of the known attack vectors evidenced on Ethereum closed by design. CosmWasm is safe from Reentrancy, Arithmetic under/overflows, Default Visibilities, and more.
Smart Contracts running in CosmWasm add valuable flexibility and development speed to Cosmos SDK chains, while integrating with all existing SDK modules.
Finally, they can leverage the speed of wasm and power of rust, to perform any algorithm you desire. Just import fixed point decimal math for deterministic calculations or blake2b hashing algorithm if your chain doesn't already have it natively.
Enjoy the flexible, fast and easy-to-integrate CosmWasm smart contracts for your Cosmos-SDK chain. Embrace CosmWasm with confidence, and build your own smart contracts without worrying about security.
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